We are a kennel located in Mexico City, which specializes in professional and integral breeding of the rottweiler race, to make this possible, we take into consideration these three fundamental aspects :
1. Conformation : Respect to racial Standard No.147 / 06.19.2000, issued by FCI ( Fédération Cynologique Internationale ), to certify our upbringing in this regard we compete our entire breeding stock in beauty exhibitions with international judges specialized in the race, in order to get qualifications proving this, such as  International Championship, Mexican Championship, and Excellent Qualification in specialized exhibitions of the race . This practice is certainly to confirm our quality in beauty.
2. Temperament : All our breeding stock is prepared to achieve a willingness to work and a proper insertion into society, we accomplish certified working with international tests such as the TT - Title Temperament ( This is, the reaction to the environment agressive and friendly stimuli), BH - BEGLEITHUNDE ( total obedience control of the dog / favorable response to external stimuli to live adequately in society ) IPO - PRÜFUNGS INTERNATIONALE ORDNÜNG ( International Working Test conformed in 3 disciplines for breeding selection : Tracking, Obedience and Protection ), ZTP - ZUCHTTAUGLICHKEITSPRÜFUNG ( Suitable Breeding caring morphological proportion of exemplary, its even temper to environmental stimuli and basic instincts of prey, defense and control of the dog at the command of its handler or owner ).
3. Health : We select only specimens with strong and great vitality. We care scrupulously about the inbreeding of our bloodlines, that is, not away nor too close linebreeding genotype in order to preserve a representative and a esthetic racial type adapted to international demand for beauty and also to have a temperament and a high disposition to work in our upbringing. To achieve this, we select the top studs worldwide who are certified with international beauty and work titles described above. We cross only free copies of hip and elbow dysplasia ( HD A, B / ED 0, 1 ). Moreover, we only reproduce specimens with 42 complete teeth and "scissor" bite, with dark pigmentation in mouth,  with dark eyes range ( 1A, 1B, 2A ), and with the tail in sable form. We let our females rest for one year after attending one litter. Our entire campus is fed and powered with "super-premium" food, exercised daily and attended constantly by veterinarians to maintain optimal health.
By taking care of these points, we equate to the requirements of the German Club of the breed : ADRK ( Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub ) and therefore, our work is focused to provide high quality and international competitiveness in raising the level of the Rottweiler in Mexico and taking away from the mind completely the stereotype of rottweilers being a dangerous breed by creating a rottweiler who has an utility for society and laboring.